This Is Who We Are


Poly and Chelsey are the Founders of Revived Balance. Chelsey is the artist and Poly is the business man. They focus on motivating your active lifestyle and adding a little “mandala vibes” into your everyday life.



Poly and I (Chelsey) are a young couple based in Alaska, USA. We had always been hardworkers and go-getters. We both worked everyday jobs up until we had our first child in 2017. That’s when I became a stay-at-home mom but Poly continued to work. He worked 3-5 weeks away from home and would get 1-2 weeks off. Not easy being away from your wife and baby!

In that time I was staying home with our sweet daughter, I continued to work on my art. I had always been an artist but found mandalas to be my sweet spot. I started doing local markets, craft fairs and vendor events. Being a stay-at-home mother and also making a business with my art had both always been my dream. 

Poly was tired of working away from home so much and missing milestones with our daughter. Him being the business man, came up with our online business. An opportunity for us to both work from home and do what we both love.

Now, here we are with two beautiful children, Onalee and Malakai. We both get to stay home and see every milestone and experience every moment with our babies. I still get to work on my art and we get the chance to build our “empire” while showing our children anything is possible. Dreams DO come true!


~Chelsey & Poly